Packing Services

First-class packing is essential to a successful move. At Pittsburgh Super Movers , we understand that your busy schedule can not handle the required time needed to fully prepare yourself for your move. Our professional movers and packers are experts in packing and unpacking of household goods. Your fragile possessions will be carefully packed by specialists to ensure maximum protection.

Packing Tips

  • Use good quality, strong moving boxes. Make sure that the bottoms are fully secured.
  • Try to concentrate on one room at a time. Label every box by room.
  • Place your boxes in an area close to your front door.
  • Important items, such as photographs, jewelry, home videos, and documents, should
    be packed separately or carry them with you on moving day.
  • Fragile items should be packed with plenty of wrapping.
  • Wrap your breakable items in bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or tissue paper.

Professional Moving Boxes


Small Box, (1.5 Cu. Ft.)
Great for books, collectibles, small items
such as picture frames, family albums,
small paintings, magazines.


Medium Box, (3.0 Cu. Ft.)
Used for food, clothes, kitchen items,
toys, and misc. stuff.


Mirror Box.
Used for pictures, mirrors
and other flat items.


Dish Box.
Used for separating dishes in a
dish pack.


Wardrobe Box.
Great for packing clothes. Wardrobe
boxes comes with a sturdy metal
hanger bar.


TV. Box.
Flat screen TV Box
32 inches and up.


Kitchen Box, (6.0 Cu. Ft.)
Use to pack a standard size kitchen,
including dishes, glasses, china and cookware.


Large Box, (5.0 Cu. Ft.)
Large Moving Boxes are ideal for clothes,
bedroom items, bulky but not overly
heavy items. Also great for collectibles,
holiday ornaments, serving platters,
stereo computer equipment.